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  Visa Guidance

Applying for a visa is the most challenging element of the preparations to study abroad. However with proper planning and correct, valid and relevant supporting evidence chances of success are assured.

The visa process varies from one country to another, while some countries have a very objective application process with defined criteria, others may be assessed more subjectively. In any case most study visas are assessed on the following criteria -

That the applicant is genuine - Student must provide evidence that they are applying to a programme that is relevant to their academic background and professional goals.

That the applicant is eligible – It is imperative to understand that institutions can have individual entry criteria required to gain acceptance into a course. However, some countries may require students to meet additional acceptance criteria to qualify for a study visa.

That the applicant has sufficient funding - One of the most important element of visa application is to provide evidence of funding in terms of liquid and accessible monetary resources as all overseas students are expected to meet their own expenses and do not have access to public funding in a foreign country.

That the applicant has intentions to return – It is important that applicants should provide evidence of ties to their homeland and demonstrate that their main aim of travelling abroad is to study and to return to their home country after completing their qualification.

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