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Intra Overseas Education (IOE) is built on strong principles of ethics, unbiased honest advice and continued support and encouragement to students. With a team of International University alumni from UK and USA, professionals in academia and an enthusiastic mentor group abroad, we specialize in providing a one-stop solution for students aspiring to study abroad.We are also among the very few education advisors to facilitate students seeking to pursue a PhD overseas.

Why study abroad

Globalization, internationalization, open markets, foreign trade and investments are becoming common language. The new approach to good business practice and overall success is to truly understand those words. The reasons most students choose to study abroad should not only be the undoubtedly high quality and innovative approach to education, but also the diversity of cultures. While most companies are becoming multinationals or “transnational” there is also a growing demand for professionals who are familiar with international corporate environment and a premium for those who have an established professional network overseas.


Studying abroad is not an easy decision to make in fact for many it is a life changing decision. The implications are both financial and emotional. Overseas education is expensive; therefore financial planning is required and should be taken as an investment for your future. Staying away from family in a new environment can be emotionally challenging, a good support structure and communication of family and friends is extremely helpful. In addition to this Intra Overseas Education provides an overseas mentor support that our students can take advantage of.

Guidance & Support

We understand that every student is an individual; our aim is to help our students to think out of the box and to think beyond the mundane or the most popular…our goal is to find the right course and institution that would add value and lead towards the student’s true career aspirations. Our specialized mapping technique helps us find the course and institution our students would most benefit from.

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